[plaisir: Giselle

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©Giselle Camargo, «erosoes», oleo sobre tela 180x180cm ―courtesy Central Galeria, Sao Paolo, Brazil

[plaisir visuel: Alberto ·

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Alberto Burri (1915–1995)

Sacco SP4, 1956
Burlap and acrylic on canvas
100 x 86 cm

[θα γίνουμε τα κουραμπιεδο-μελομακάρονα που καταβροχθίσαμε

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Και Καλές Γιορτές.


[plaisir: the lonely one ·

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Album: After Midnight, 1956

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There is a very quiet boy
They call
There is sorrow in his face
And sadness in his eyes
And if you look into the heart
Within the lonely one
You’ll find it’s been deceived
That broken was in lies.
Is it good to have cried?
With the longing to hide
All your heartaches and fears.
Is it wise to be cold, and to
Struggle, to hold back with tears.
If you could only see the boy
They call the lonely one,
You’d know that since you’re gone
The lonely one is me.
Songwriters: Lenny Hambro / Roberta Heller
The Lonely One lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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