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«Fear is the greatest source of human suffering. Until comparatively recent times nature has been something unknown and the unknown has been a constant source of terror. It is believed to be full of supernatural and possibly hostile agencies. Devils and demons and indignant deities, an angry and jealous God, possible future and retributive punishments, earthquakes and eclipses, all have contributed to make the life of man miserable. This burden of woe has now been lifted. Another view of nature now prevails. Man has cast off fear and finds himself master of nature and perhaps of all her forces, while in religion the gospel of love is casting out the dread monster of fear. But it is not alone fear of supernatural agencies that we have escaped, but also fear of political upheavals connected with despotic governments and social instability. Few of us appreciate the profound security that we now enjoy, security of life, property and reputation.»


G.T.W. Patrick, «The New Optimism,» Popular Science Monthly 82 (May, 1913).
Note: Read G.T.W Patrick’s translation «The fragments of Heraclitus«, 1889

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